Mourinho: “I’m concerned that right now I don’t have a team”

Mourinho was harsh and blunt after Real Madrid’s defeat (0-1) to Sevilla: “What I’m most concerned about is that we haven’t played at all well yet this season. We didn’t play at all against Getafe, we didn’t play at all today and we barely played against Granada. More than the loss of points, I’m concerned that right now I don’t have a team and it’s my responsibility, I’m the coach”.

He wasn’t at all pleased with his players’ attitude and he accused them of a lack of commitment. “Only a few of them are committed or focused, only a few of them believe that football is the most important thing in their lives”. He explained that he’d have changed half the team had he been able to. “At half time I changed two players, but I would have changed seven. I’m not saying that Özil or Di María were any worse than the others.”

The Portuguese highlighted his players’ lack of concentration at set pieces. “The team’s current image was clear to see in the first minute. Corner and goal. The team lacks concentration and mental focus. The Sevilla players gave their all from start to finish, playing with the required amount of aggression, which we’ve only managed against Barcelona. My players aren’t focused and each of them knows what’s required of them”.

He doesn’t believe that what has happened with Cristiano had any bearing on the game. “It was no different from the game against Getafe, which we lost, or the one against Granada, which we won. It has nothing to do with the rumours of the past two weeks. There are only two or three players who have their heads in the game. I congratulate Sevilla. We got exactly what our terrible performance deserved”.




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