NFL Week 1: Games, Results, Predictions, Highlights

The NFL is back, which means games are set to be played. In order to get the season off on the right foot, the greatest thing about football needs to show up on Sunday. That, of course, is the truth that any team can win any given game.

Many things have changed this offseason. Coaches have been fired and hired, players have been hurt or are returning, quarterbacks have switched teams and some players have even been banned.

Every team will be looking to show off the positive changes they made over the summer and get the season off on the right foot. Of course, only one team can win each game though.

There are favorites, but who knows what will happen once the whistle blows? Here are our picks for upsets to keep an eye on.

Who would you LIKE to see win in Week 1?

In the first game Cowboys won over Giants with 24:17. All details and highlight of the match you can see HERE

One of the NFL experts brings you WEEK 1 Predictions


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