Top Twenty Unfortunate Names in Sports

1. Dick Butkus – He was awesome, but his name isn’t.

2.  Misty Hyman

3.  Yoshie Takeshita – Just make sure you light a match and flush please.

4.  Craphonso Thorpe

5.  Milton Bradley – Why do you have to give Monopoly a bad name?

6.  Coco Crisp – Cereal is not that cool.

7.  Ron Tugnutt- Ouch.

8.  Karen Cockburn 

9.  Dick Pole – You’re my hero.

10.Rusty Kuntz – I’m sure it’s not pronounced Cun…

11.  Dick Trickle – He should be the spokesperson for Depends.


12. Chubby Cox

13. Gaylord Perry

14. Lucious Pusey

15. Fair Hooker

16. Pete LaCock

17. Ben Gay

18. Danny Grewcock

19. Kim Yoo Suk

20. Dick Pound



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